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Childhood Fantasies by VisualPoems

I love this. I was really drawn to the colors. Everything is in perfect blue/orange contrast, with the blue on the horse drawing me int...

Volcano with snow by sav8197
by sav8197

Please keep in mind that I'm not familiar with 3D programs, so my critique is based on hand-drawing. XD I know that 3-dimensional art i...


Cedric the Kitty by ChaosKirin
Cedric the Kitty
This is my boy, Cedric.

Donation Link:…

He has been my constant companion since I moved away from home ten whole years ago! Through his whole life, he's been quite a character, but even through his temperamental highs and lows, he's always been a shoulder for me to cry on when things got rough.

And it's that shoulder that needs help now!

He has a large mass in his left shoulder, between his ribcage and his skin, which is approximately baseball-sized. Upon x-ray, it does not appear to be a benign fatty tumor, due to the color.

Dr. Cappel and I discussed the possibility that it might be a vaccine-induced sarcoma. Vaccine sarcomas possibly occur when a heavy metal adjuvant (an irritant that used to be used in feline vaccinations to encourage an immune response) turns cancerous.

Thankfully, the lump is round, smooth, and has not infiltrated his chest cavity at this time. It still has to be removed, though, in order to ensure quality of life.

Currently, he has only had x-rays, but the current treatment plan we are discussing, including biopsy and the necessity to have a specialist surgeon perform the removal of the tumor, as well as all aftercare, will run in the realm of $2500-$3000.

Any and all funds raised in excess of what I need will be donated to a pet care facility in order to ensure the continued care of our loved companions.

All who donate non-anonymously will receive a sketch of Cedric with a personal thank you note from me!

OC-Tober, Day #5 by ChaosKirin
OC-Tober, Day #5
This is Katalina Vega, one of my Heroes OCs. I didn't get to play her very much unfortunately.

Her entire power was glowing in the dark.

That's it.

It was cool.
OC-Tober, Day #4 by ChaosKirin
OC-Tober, Day #4
This is my first ever Mary Sue! (Come on. Admit it. You’ve had a few, too.) When I was in 8th grade, I wrote my first novel, and it was a Final Fantasy IV fanfic called Jessi the Caller.

In a nutshell, Rydia visits earth, picks Jessi (the fabulous self-insert you see above you) as a caller, and they all go to her world to defeat a great evil! At the end of the story, after Jessi and Rydia defeat the great evil, Jessi goes home and is totally bullied because of her weird hair and eyes! Then she saves everyone! I wrote some of my bullies at the time into the story, too.

I think it’s really amazing that in my pre-internet days, I still managed to hit on all the annoying cliches one one expect to find in a story featuring a Mary Sue.


Aeryn Christie
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
The problem with someone stealing my art is currently (tentatively) solved.

My gallery is re-available for viewing. Thank you for everyone who understood.
  • Mood: Mad

If the ArtforMonkeesSake group was to have a contest, what would you guys want it to be? 

7 deviants said Drawing a comic to make people laugh.
6 deviants said A drawing contest based on Mike.
4 deviants said Monkees as the opposite gender (Rule 63).
2 deviants said Monkees in relationships (Slash).
2 deviants said Other (Please post in comments!)
1 deviant said Writing a ficlet (about 500 words) based on the TV Universe.
1 deviant said Monkees in relationships (Het).
1 deviant said A drawing contest based on Micky.
1 deviant said A drawing contest based on Peter.
No deviants said A drawing contest based on Davy.


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A pic you might like :3
(pS: description contains links to scraps- screenshots which show similarities between Charlie from all dogs go to heaven and Kenny McCormick is one of them :3 same with Stan and Littlefoot :3)
Roses-and-Feathers Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Love your South Park art style <3

A nice break from lots of the anime-style fanart out there :3
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Thank you! :D
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